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Who We Are

Who We Are

RockPointe Church

By God's Grace, and for His Glory, We Long to be a Community of People Who Are...

  • Passionately devoted to God
    We will partner with every person eager to take the next step forward in knowing and following God.
  • Deeply committed to one another
    We will express our discipleship by the quality of our love, service and grace for one another.

  • Relentlessly focused on the lost
    We will move beyond ourselves, multiplying innovation & investment to reach more of our city for Christ.

It's all about changed lives!

By God’s Grace, and for His Glory, We Long to be a Community of People who are…

Passionately devoted to God, deeply committed to one another and relentlessly focused on the lost.

As a church, we desire to tap the full potential that God has given us to extend His kingdom on earth.  Therefore we have become “dreamers” who are in the process of defining a preferred future.  What will that future look like?

In the future RPC will…

  • Be a community of grace; the type of church family where people can be themselves, they can admit their problems, seek support and strength where there is no need to pretend that one is something other than a person who needs forgiveness, love and a chance to be a part of an interdependent community.
  • Expand the knowledge and glory of God in Calgary by assisting new people to become Christians every month and leading them to a mature faith and life of service.  Our vision in this regard involves organizing our whole ministry in such a way as to resource our people in their soul winning endeavours.
  • Be relentlessly creative about developing forms of worship and music that are contemporary, accessible, authentic and attractive to the world in which we live.  Worship at RockPointe will be God honouring, life transforming and deeply moving experiences of the sacred.
  • Take seriously and win the battle to disciple the next generation for Christ.  We believe that our redeemed youth will be our primary source of ministry innovation and fruitfulness in the future.
  • Be purpose driven in all of its ministries.  Every ministry will operate according to a “TEAM DREAM” and strategic directional plan.
  • Be led and staffed by teams of volunteers.  We will thoroughly democratize access to all forms of ministry by radically applying the scriptural principle of the ‘priesthood of all believers’ (1 Peter 2:4-10).
  • Place a premium on the continuous, lasting, internal life transformation of people as opposed to change in external appearance.  Evidence of the supernatural work of God in our midst will be the norm.
  • Be characterized by a widespread practice of connecting with God devotionally.
  • Seed our unique ‘DNA’ into one new healthy congregation after another, trusting God to use us to catalyze a network of vibrant and effective churches.
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