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October 05, 2016

Hearing God

Hearing God

We have run this course for seven years now and have had hundreds of RockPointers join in and learn to listen to God’s voice! We feel we are ready to explore this area further, so we have redesigned our time together and renewed the teaching content and experiences. We will walk together to explore and experience the following: 

Session 1 - Identity & Intimacy 
We will investigate the basis of who we are as followers of Jesus (our identity) and how this plays into our listening/hearing of His voice.

Session 2 – Word & Spirit
How do we interpret and handle scripture with care when it comes to hearing God’s voice and speaking into each other’s lives? How do we test the things we sense God is speaking to us? How do we practically begin listening and sharing what God is saying to us with honesty, integrity, care and love.

Session 3 – Anticipation & Expectancy
Our walking with Jesus includes a natural expectancy that He is and will speak to us. Through His word primarily, but also through the Spirit. How does this work? What does this look like? 

Session 4 – The Forming Life
Let’s step together into the life Jesus calls us to. Not one of pretending all is good if it’s not; but one of asking God and listening to His voice when things are broken, hurting or wrong. We are invited to live a “The Forming Life”, and it all relies on our hearing of God’s voice. 

This year we will be holding this at the Westhills site! We have rented the Airhart Theater (a large room in the Ambrose Campus) and will be meeting DURING the service. Yup, during the service! That means you can take advantage of more time to have discussions, share experiences and try listening for God when we gather on the weekend. 

When: Feb 23rd - March 15th (four Sundays in a row) 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Where: Ambrose Campus (Airhart Theater)

Who: This is for anyone at any stage in their walk with Jesus!

Cost: Free!

To Register: Email to let us know you are coming 


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