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August 20, 2014

Lead a Small Group

Lead a Small Group

Interested in leading a group?

Without new leaders we sometimes run out of space for people! This can be a great way to get connected and serve others.

What do you need to become a small group leader?

A commitment to following Jesus - A strong and growing faith and a passion to help others experience the same!

A commitment to RockPointe as home – generally if you have called RockPointe home for more than 6 months

A commitment to the Alliance Statement of Faith – So we have a consistent core theology across the board (you can read the statement of faith HERE)

A commitment to join in and be a part of any Small Group training or emphases – Get equipped

A commitment to keep in touch with your Small Groups Site Volunteer – Stay in Touch

Resources for a new group

There are plenty of great resources to help you get started and for along every stage of group life.

One great resource for new groups is RightNowMedia. A Netflix style collection of thousands of great Small Group video resources. Stream them anytime, anywhere, as much as you want. Request free access for your group by emailing

So how do I start?

  1. Contact Ryan Brammer and let him know you are thinking about it.
  2. He will send some information, request some from you, and ask to meet you.
  3. You will be given access to our Small Group Leader Training videos, as well as given any pertinent information on Small Groups Ministry at that time.
  4. He will lead you through how Small Groups operates and how new people get connected.

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