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August 20, 2014

Small Groups

Small Groups

What is a small group? What does it look like? What do you do in a small group? What’s the goal of a small group?

There are three core “pillars” to small group life:

  1. Enjoying Community
  2. Being intentional about following Jesus
  3. Reaching out to others

Each of our small groups is encouraged to piece these three core “pillars” of small group life together in a fashion that works for them, but also in a way that challenges them!

  1. We are made for community! To celebrate, to encourage each other, to build each others faith, to care for one another, to party and to belong.
  2. We were made for a life abiding with Jesus! Be in scripture, pray for one another, be honest and authentic with lifes struggles and with life’s joys, and to keep each other accountable to a life that brings glory to God.
  3. We were made to love our neighbours and proclaim the Gospel! Be outward focused, pray for those who don’t know Christ, be active in your community, serve, be involved in social justice and invite others to know Jesus.

It’s a bit of a unique year in Small Groups Ministry, so here is what you need to know:

God has prompted us, as a Small Groups Lead Team, to step out of the usual routine and management of small groups, in order to spend our time listening to God and renewing the vision, structure and management of Small Groups Ministry at RockPointe. Groups will continue to run as per usual, but, as we engage in this process as a team, it means we will have less time and ability to help make group connections on a daily/weekly basis.

Therefore we will be handling Small Group Connections a bit different this year.

As we receive your (and others) Small Group requests, we will hold onto it until we have enough requests to either create a new group, or enough to hold a lunch gathering where we can make group connections. This allows the Small Group Lead Team make connections at specific and strategic moments through the year.

We will send info and dates for these gatherings once you make a request! You will also receive periodic updates, just so you know what is happening.

Although this means some of you may have to wait a bit longer to actually find a group, it allows us to move the ministry forward and (we are praying) have a better managed Small Groups Ministry with easier access to finding groups in the future!

Thanks for your understanding.

So what do you do?

1. Email Ryan Brammer requesting the Small Group Placement Form.
2. Fill out and submit the form.
3. Once submitted, he will send you a note to confirm he received it, and also include any information on the next Small Group Gathering or potential new group.
4. Once a new group can be formed or a Gathering is booked, he will inform you and help you get connected.

Thank you for being patient with us as we walk through a discernment season.

If you have any questions about the process this year, connect with Ryan Brammer (Equipping Pastor for Small Groups) at 403-851-0011.


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