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August 30, 2014

Children's Events

Children's Events

Throughout the year we host events for you and your children. Check back regularly to see what events we have coming up!

Family Sandwich Serve

A fun family event where we make bag lunches and then bus downtown together and distribute them to the homeless. Please join us as we nourish and encourage those in need!

Online registration is required in order to reserve a spot on the bus for you and your family (Cost is $10/family). To register for this event, please click here.

On event day (Saturday, April 13) please arrive at our Bowridge site at 9:00 am. Bring enough supplies to build 5 to 7 lunches. Suggested items include juice boxes, fruit, bread, sandwich meat, and wrapped snack items (i.e. cookies, granola bars). Optional items include cheese, veggies, etc. Bring a bag or small box to carry your lunches. We will supply mayo, butter, mustard, knives to spread, ziploc bags, and brown paper bags.

If you have any questions or you'd like more information, please contact Michelle Zieber.

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