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Kindergarten to Grade 5

Kindergarten to Grade 5

RockPointe Kids is a place where kids are valued by God and by us. We partner with parents to see kids' faith and relationship with Jesus grow. Here's a look at the awesome Bible-based units we have coming up for our Grade Schoolers. Filled with fun and learning we're excited to have them, and you, adventure with us. 


JANUARY: Live Out Loud
We’ll be looking at Jesus’ early life and ministry focusing on Luke 2-5, making Jesus our example for living our lives “Out Loud”. Using our mouths, bodies, and just about anything else we can find, we will make the early stories of Jesus’ life come alive with sound effects.

FEBRUARY: Hide-n-Seek
This month is all about revealing what is hidden and making the truth easy to see! Jesus loved to help blind people see. Not just physically blind people, but spiritually blind people too! We are looking at some of Jesus’ key teachings about love and our relationships with others.

MARCH: Picture This
We’ll be looking at the Parables of Jesus. We will also be creating our own fast paced pictures to help illustrate the stories told in the parables.

APRIL: Professor Sid’s Science Spectacular
This month, we’ll not only get to see some of the coolest science experiments around, but we’ll also use those experiments as a catalyst for understanding the most spectacular story ever told—the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

MAY: The Big Build
We’ll be taking a closer look at the book of Acts (chapters 1-3) and seeing how the early church was built by ordinary people just like us.

JUNE: Battle Squids
This month we are looking at the book of Proverbs and how it applies to our lives today. But it wouldn’t be RockPointe Kids without a twist, so prepare to meet the “Battle Squids” as we learn about wisdom all through June.

JULY: Riddle Rangers
The Riddle Rangers are back and they are going to help us learn the truth about the Bible and the Persons of the Trinity.