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Missions Finances

Missions Finances

RockPointe Missions is financed through donations specifically designated towards Missions. Any dollar donated to RockPointe Missions is disbursed three ways, based on a percentage determined by the annual Missions budget. The three recipient funds of RockPointe Missions dollars are:

Global Advance Fund (GAF)
The Global Advance Fund is administered by the National Ministry Centre of the C&MA in Canada and is the means by which the C&MA finances its Global Missionary Enterprise. The bulk of this fund covers the expenses involved in sending and supporting international workers around the world including salaries, benefits and costs associated with their ministries. The GAF also funds training of future international workers.

Global Outreach Fund
The Global Outreach Fund is administered internally by the GO (Global Outreach) Team at RockPointe Church to support RockPointe’s global partners and finance global outreach projects presented to us by our partners. RockPointe’s global partners may or may not be affiliated with the C&MA.

Canadian Ministries Fund
The Canadian Ministries Fund is administered by the Western Canadian District of the C&MA in Canada and primarily supports church planting, leadership development, multi-cultural ministries and strategic partnerships.


Financial Support
If you would like to support RockPointe Missions, you can do so through your regular RockPointe giving by designating your donations to “Missions”. From time to time, there are opportunities to provide financial support to specific partners or projects. Again, this can be done through your regular RockPointe giving by utilizing the designation specified for the partner or project.

If you would like to donate to the RockPointe Missions Fund online, please click here.

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