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5 Regions of Alliance Missions

5 Regions of Alliance Missions

As a member church of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA), we picture our global outreach ministry as taking place in five distinct regions of the world known as the Five S Regions.

Asian Spice Region
Since the beginning of civilization, the pursuit of exotic spices has added mystique to the Far East. By the 6th Century BC, Chinese merchants were actively trading spices from the tropical countries of south-east Asia. Today the Asian masses follow Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Animism in an area with great linguistic, cultural, religious, and political diversity. Our longing is for the billions of people in the Asian Spice Region to hear and understand the Good News of Jesus so that they find and fully follow Him. God is training and nudging many workers in the region, to advance His Kingdom and bring light to dark places. God is establishing faith communities that reveal the greatness of our Lord—across the Asian Spice Region.

Caribbean Sun Region
The Caribbean Sun Region stretches from Mexico to Argentina and from the Pacific coast of Central America across the islands of the Caribbean Sea. In Central and South America there has been significant response to the Gospel in the last 100 years. However, there are still unreached places and myriads of oppressed peoples and these are our focus. International Workers see hope and freedom emerge in the people with whom they live their daily lives. By God’s amazing grace, transformational movements are being created in the Caribbean Sun Region.

Desert Sand Region
Across Africa from the arid desert to the tropical forest and from urban settings to nomadic huts, there are many needs for the truth, hope and peace of Christ. In many areas of this region the Christian message cannot be shared openly; instead, Christ’s love is presented through teaching, compassionate aid and promoting justice. Political and ethnic turmoil, revolutions, disease, famine, persecution and religious oppression are challenges faced in this region. However, the sand is shifting in the desert and new doors are opening. God’s Spirit is at work in people’s hearts, as many respond and choose to follow Christ across the Desert Sand Region.

Silk Road Region
For more than 2,000 years the Silk Road trade route linked east and west in culture, as well as in trade. Today it symbolizes our efforts to reach people in three vibrant and unique sub-regions: Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The region stretches from Turkey to northeast China and from Iran, through the Central Asia ‘stan’ nations down to the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. The early Church spread throughout the entire region using these early trade routes; today our partner International Workers tread these same roads with a determination to share Jesus with the people groups of the Silk Road Region.

Sea to Sea Region
Sea to Sea is the call for us to truly embrace the missionary zeal of church planting and multiplication in Canada. While Canada was once proudly known as a Christian nation, that heritage has been under tremendous assault in recent years, and efforts to accommodate pluralism have left our country spiritually adrift. There are many needs which give us opportunities to reach out to our fellow Canadians. As well, the world wide Diaspora - unprecedented movement of peoples around the world - provides opportunities to do global missions right here, in our own backyards. Immigrants and foreign students are flocking to our shores and we’re called to respond to the movement of these people as they cross the seas, moving to Canada either temporarily or permanently.