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Family, Faith and Fun- Jan 2018

Family, Faith and Fun- Jan 2018

This one-day family event is for all parents who want to hone their skills as a parent, have some fun with their kids, and enjoy some delicious food! RockPointe Kids is excited to once again be hosting this annual workshop for families, and we're looking forward to what is sure to be a great day. We believe it will be a day of encouragement + education for all and can't wait! While parents attend breakout sessions in the morning, we will be running separate programming for the kids.

Here's a look at the breakout sessions (parents will be able to attend 2 of the sessions):

Teaching Kids to Defend Their Faith: By Answering Questions Everyone Has (Geoff Heth)
In this seminar we will go over common questions that everyone has about faith. And common questions or challenges to Christianity. We will go over common questions like:

  • Is there really a God?

  • What about evolution?

  • Can you trust the Bible?

  • Who was Jesus?

  • Did he really die and come back to life?

  • What about other religions?

  • Can we really say that someone else is wrong?

We will provide simple and effective answers to those questions. And how to teach them to your kids. So they can be confident about their faith and you can too!

Internet Safety & the Dangers of Pornography (Kirsten Evans, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre)

Understanding Homosexuality from a Christian Perspective (Daniel Komori, Journey Canada)
This session will help build insight on how to understand and respond to homosexuality from a Christian perspective. Attention will be given to understanding the general cultural messages on this issue, as well as articulating a Christian path for the same-sex attracted indvidual. 

Consuming Media: Finding Jesus in the Movies Everyone's Watching (Brandon Trotter)
We all consume stories every day. From blockbuster films to the latest Netflix binge, our media has an increasingly powerful effect on how we and our children view the world. But if we look beyond the special effects and edge-of-your-seat writing, we can find biblical themes that often open doors of conversation with friends and family. By exploring several popular movies and TV shows, we should end up with a stronger ability to find the story of redemption in most of what our families consume. 

Leading Our Children into the Experience of God: Listening to God through Imaginative Prayer (Jamie Boda)
Following Jesus is the business of our lives. To follow Him we must know Him. To get to know Him we need to listen to Him. We are going to explore getting to know Jesus through reading the Gospel with our imaginations and listening to what He wants to say to us. 

Together, we will learn to listen to the way Jesus speaks, notice how people respond to him and see how we are being invited to respond as well. Our goal is to say what the villagers in John's Gospel told the Samaritan woman: "We have come to know him ourselves, and not just from your report."

Marriage Matters (Dave & Kim Mohr)
Coming into marriage we bring certain kinds of beliefs with us, and each one of these beliefs contribute to either a healthy marriage or a challenging one. We want you to catch a vision for what matters most in your marriage, and even give a few practical tips to make it happen. Whether it's handling conflict, growing your friendship, or even parenting your kids, we'll look at how doing marriage well can bring it all together. 

Let's Paint! (Hanneke Boersema)
Do you have kids? Does your kitchen table look like a "craft-zone"? Do you want your child to encounter God at the craft table? Come and join me in creating a "God-space" at your craft table. By using paint, crayons, and pencil crayons, we will create space to experience God's presence and hear His voice. Together we will worship God through our art and learn how to do this at home with our own kids. For parents only. No experience needed!


After the morning workshops, we will come together for lunch (hot dog stand + taco stand + chicken fingers with fries along with tea + coffee + juice). Then it's time for a fun-filled afternoon with games, a special story time led by Brandon Trotter, and other activity stations for the whole family! Registration is $25/family

When registering, please put "1" for the Quantity, and include in the "Comment" section the # of family members attending, their names and the ages of the children.

Event Details

When: January 20, 2018 @ 9:00am - 1:30pm

Venue: Bearspaw

Room(s): Auditorium - Bearspaw Site

Address: 255024 Lochend Road

Availability: 93 Tickets(s).

Price: $ 25.00

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