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Why Alpha?

We long to see the Great Commission fulfilled. We long to be a church that has impact in our neighborhoods, our communities and our City. Most of all, we long to see people come to know Jesus! Alpha has always been a great resource and tool for helping people find and fully follow Jesus. Alpha has just re-filmed and redone the entire Alpha Film Series, and it is excellent. Let’s use this as a tool to be on mission this year as we emphasize the importance of OUT.

The Plan 

Let’s take the Fall to try Alpha for ourselves – Get familiarized.
We are asking every existing group to try Alpha for at least 6 weeks. Or better yet, come with us for the whole 11 weeks. We are asking families, friends and even acquaintances you have made right here at your site and service to become an “Alpha Group” for the Fall to try this out together. Doesn’t matter what age you are or how big your group is. 

In the New Year, as a group, think about how we can utilize this material in the new year in our homes, neighborhoods and communities—inviting those we are friends with and know to come along with us as we do Alpha again with and for others.
As a group, invite, host and walk through Alpha with people you know who are asking questions about faith and open to the Gospel. We may have a few Alpha’s running at our sites still, but this way we could have 100 Alpha’s running all over Calgary and Cochrane if our groups engaged. Small scale, simple, relationally driven and incarnational.

In a nutshell

We are not asking you to take part in the New Year piece. You can just try out Alpha as a group for 6 weeks, or come with us for the entire 11 weeks. But our prayer is that many groups will be inspired over the Fall to partner with us in the New Year as well!

How to get involved

Any existing small group, men’s group, women’s group, young adult group… or any new group of friends, family, etc. can sign up. Have one person be your group representative and let us know you want in by emailing You can sign up between now and Sept. 17th.

You will be invited to join us on Sept. 18th at our Bowridge site for an Alpha gathering where we walk through the vision, give access to all the materials, get some basic training and pray together – come join us. More details once you sign up.

Everything you need for Alpha is free and digitally available. No costs, no ordering books, no shipping, etc. Super easy. More details on this once you sign up.

All our groups will do Alpha on a similar schedule – beginning the week of Sept. 24th.

Important Dates

Sept. 17th – Final day to sign up your group
Sept. 18th – Alpha training for group facilitators
Sept. 24th – Alpha prayer at our Kick-off ASCEND Gathering
Week of Sept. 24th - Alpha groups begin

(6 week short term groups conclude the week of Oct. 29)
(11 week long term Groups conclude the week of Dec. 3)


Visit for more information on the Alpha Film Series.