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Does this describe you?

I have become a Jesus follower and am discovering what a life devoted to Him is all about. I still have lots of questions.

If you have become a Christ follower, you may still have many questions, such as:

  • How is God relevant in my every day life?
  • What does it mean to grow spiritually?
  • What does it mean to be a Disciple?
  • What should I be doing?

Discovering who Jesus is and how to know Him better will help you answer these questions. As you continue your journey there are some great next steps you can take to get to know God better:


Engage your Mind

Attend weekend services

  • This is a fundamental way to grow. Come to services and learn more about Jesus!
  • Commit to attending every week.

Read God’s Word (the Bible)

  • Try to read it several times throughout your week. There are scripture reading plans available through the YouVersion Bible app on your computer or phone, or by going our wesbite and following the RockPointe reading plan.
  • Find the Gospel of John and read a chapter a day.
  • Find the Book of James and read a chapter a day.

Read Christian Books

Download Apps

Go Online. There are several excellent video and blog sites that will help you discover who God is.


Engage Your Heart


  • Prayer is simply talking to God.
  • Regardless of how long, where or when... pray once a day. Invite God into your life by expressing your thoughts, worries, thanks and praise to him!

Reflect on scripture

  • Start by reflecting on the book of Colossians.

Join a Small Group

  • A small group is an essential step in spiritual growth. We grow best in community, not isolated!
  • Small Groups are all about Connecting with others, Growing spiritually and serving others.
  • Check out our open Small Groups here.


  • Pray and seek God’s direction on what you should give in the weekend offering.

Listen to Worship Music

  • The “Inspriational” section in the iTunes music store has a lot of great Christian artists, or tune into 88.9 Shine FM.


Engage Your Hands and Feet


  • Volunteering is a great way to belong to the community of RockPointe Church.
  • Or, volunteer at a charity or non-profit like the Mustard Seed, or the Ronald McDonald House.

Become active in your community

  • Join your condo board, help out at your local food bank, boys and girls club, etc.


What Next?

Pick one item from each category (Mind, Heart & Hands/Feet). These will be your Next Steps in spiritual growth!


Make a Plan

My next step will be: ____________________________.

I will do this (daily, weekly, etc.) ________ for ________ months.

When you are finished, either pick a few more from the list, or go through the Evaluate, Embrace, Engage method from the EDGS' overview page. After taking a few next steps, you may be ready for much different steps to know God better!

For information on any of the above contact the Church Office or call (403) 851-0011.

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