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I am learning to depend on Jesus for daily guidance. I have a good understanding of what it means to follow Jesus

If this is you, you are likely looking for a next step that will continue to deepen your relationship with Jesus, and increase your understanding of Him.

You may wonder:

  • How do I connect with God, and what does it look like?
  • How do I study the Bible deeply and really increase my Biblical knowledge?
  • How do I make the decisions that reflect my commitment to sacrificing my life for Christ?
  • How do I share my faith, and make Disciples?
  • How do I lead my family toward Jesus?

Your relationship with Jesus, just like any other relationship, is one that requires commitment, time and effort.  As you work to make your relationship stronger, there are some great Next Steps you can take:

  • Engage your mind. Continue to read God’s Word (the Bible) daily. Increase your knowledge of God’s plan and the story of God’s work by reading through the Old Testament and New Testament chronologically. There are Bible reading plans on our website that help you do this!
  • Use a Study Bible. A study Bible is a great companion for someone who wants more information. Buy an NLT Study Bible or for a more literal translation, an ESV Study Bible. Use a Bible reading companion Book. A great example is the Zondervan “Handbook to the Bible”. This is a great book full of background information and notes that will help you understand what your reading.
  • Read Christian books “Christian Atheist” – Craig Groeschel “Crazy Love” – Francis Chan “Bible Study Methods” – Rick Warren “Forgotten God“ – Francis Chan “The Prodigal God” – Timothy Keller. Use online resources You Version Bible, Glo Bible App, Logos Bible Study Tool, Faith Life Study Tool or Bible X Tool to engage your heart Pray continually.  A life of following Jesus, is a life of prayer. Make reminders or notes for yourself, reminding you to be in continual prayer. This will eventually become a habit, and a way of life.
  • Reflect on scripture. Use a journal.
  • Practice solitude. Psalm 46:10 says: “Be still and know that I am God.”  Take time away from noisy, everyday distractions in order to think about Scripture and to ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Try to do this for 15 minutes a day over the next month.
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