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I am increasingly relying on Jesus for everything and am giving over the leadership of my life to Him daily. My faith impacts every area of my life.

As you live a life of increasing surrender to Jesus, you may be wondering about the following things:

  • Who can I serve today?
  • What is God stirring in my heart to bring change in the world?
  • How can I be more loving to those who are not looking for it, or those who are difficult to love?
  • How can I live missionally and with Godly purpose in each day?

Desiring to live a life sold-out for Jesus and regularly sacrificing for the sake of Jesus means looking outside of ourselves.  Living a life dedicated to expanding the Kingdom of God means doing several things:


Engage Your Mind

Continue to read God’s Word on a daily basis. Scripture is the heart and the plan of God.

  • A great challenge would be to read the Bible in a year. These reading plans can be found online at BibleGateway or YouVersion.

Read Christian books

  • “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” – Eugene Peterson.
  • “An Unstoppable Force” – Erwin McManus
  • “Renovation of the Heart & Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice” – Dallas Willard.
  • “Theology for the Community of God” – Stanley Grenz.

Get online


Engage Your Heart


  • Begin to focus your prayers on others. Choose a person, family, church or what ever is on your mind, and dedicate yourself to pray for them everyday for a week.

Practice solitude

  • Take 30 minutes each day for a week for this practice. Get away from noise, distraction, and anything that can interrupt you. Dedicate time to prayer, reflection, and worship.

Listen to God

  • As you pray, take some time of silence, and listen.

Connect with others

  • Each weekend service for a month, commit to introducing yourself to one other person/family. Find out how they became connected at RockPointe, where they live, and how they are doing!
  • Invite them for a coffee or a meal after the service!

Serve others

  • Become a Small Group Leader, and help others know God and get connected.
  • Serve as a Children’s Ministry or Youth Ministry volunteer and build in spiritual truths to the next generation. Model faith. There are many teams that you can serve on. Check out the "Serving Opportunities" page.

Become a Spiritual Mentor

  • This simply means meeting with others one-on-one to share your knowledge and love of Jesus.
  • Think of one person you know who may need someone like this in their life...Connect with them this week and ask if they would like to meet regularly to talk about life and faith. Build into this person, and pray for them.

Be Missional

  • This week, pray about how you can engage with neighbors, co-workers or family members in a spiritually meaningful way.
    1. Write down the name(s).
    2. Write down how you will begin a more meaningful relationship, or bring up a spiritual conversation with them.
    3. Pray for this person.


What's Next?

Pick one task from each category (Mind, Heart, and Hands/Feet). These will be your Next Steps in spiritual growth!

Make a Plan

  • My next step will be..._________________________.
  • I will do this (daily, weekly, etc.)____________ for _________ months.


When you are finished, either pick a few more from the list or go through the Evaluate, Embrace, Engage method from the EDGS' overview page...God may lead you to new steps of growth in your life!

For information on any of the above, contact the Church Office or (403) 851-0011.

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