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2013 Flood - A Grateful Heart

2013 Flood - A Grateful Heart

Just as others are grateful to us when we serve them, we should be grateful every day for Christ's sacrifice for us.

A comment from one of the residents in Benchlands really struck a chord with me. At the end of the day, she said, “I think I'm finally able to thank you without crying. When everyone came around the corner looking to help this morning, I thought to myself, ‘What did I ever do to deserve this help, these people saving me?’” Her gratitude was palpable. It reminded me that our gratitude for Christ's work on the cross to save us should be just as palpable every day. What did we ever do to deserve His help, His saving? And does it bring us to tears when we go before Him with thanksgiving? For me, today with this reminder, it does.

- Marcia Betcher

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