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2013 Flood - A Place To Stay

2013 Flood - A Place To Stay

A young family discovers that their apartment was spared from flood damage and they can go home again.

I received an email late Thursday afternoon while I was volunteering in Bowness about a young couple, the wife of whom had given birth to a baby boy at Foothills Hospital on Wednesday. The hospital was discharging them and they had no place to go because they had been evacuated last Thursday from their apartment in Chinatown. They had been staying with friends in a one bedroom apartment – which wouldn't work well for them with their 4 year old daughter and brand new little man. I went to assess the situation and decided to put them in a hotel for two nights and then make some decisions about how we could further help them. They needed to leave the hotel this morning, as the room they were in was reserved for tonight. So, I took them to a friend's house downtown and then the husband and I went to check on their apartment. Their unit is on the third floor so there was no water damage to their personal effects but as of yesterday evening the power was still not on. But, praise the Lord, the power was on this morning so they were able to go home! They were very happy. Say and Ahtoo and their two beautiful children are originally from Myanmar (formerly Burma) and have been in Calgary for two years as refugees. Say is studying ESL at Bow Valley College. They are from Christian background and have invited me to come back to pray a blessing on their little boy. I met a few of their Burmese friends, all of whom are Buddhist. Great opportunity and wonderful to meet this lovely family.

- Dennis Hansen

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