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2013 Flood - A Ray Of Hope

2013 Flood - A Ray Of Hope

A reminder to us all that even in the midst of the darkest moments, God is there.

I had the privilege of serving with Samaritan's Purse in Sunnyside. Our group was finishing getting out the last of the gyproc and some tiles in the home's pretty much empty, fairly dark basement. Someone pointed out a prism of light on the floor beside me, 2 diamonds of rainbow colors shining on the cement floor. Where could they have come from? I felt that God was saying to us that He is here (in the midst of all this damage from the flood) and that He loves us. One of the great things about serving with Samaritan's Purse is that the team who worked on the home gets to sign a Bible for the homeowners and present it to them when we're done, and our supervisor prays for them. I had the opportunity to write about the prisms of light in their Bible and to also tell them about it - that it showed that God is here, and that He loves us and that He loves them. The woman was touched, and teary by it all.

- Kim Elford

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