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Karen Zielke's Testimony

Karen Zielke's Testimony

A moving testimony given by Karen Zielke during the services on Sunday, May 25, 2014.

I grew up and lived in Germany for a good part of my life. At home we had some rocky times, including the news, I heard when I was 6 years old, that I was a mistake. I took it literally and deeply believed that God put me on earth by mistake, which meant I was not supposed to be here and better nobody else knows. A very low self-esteem was the result and with it came drug abuse, alcohol and all the lifestyle choices which go with it. My brain was very badly damaged after all the drug abuse. I was not able to read one complete sentence. At 19 years of age I got married and at 21 I became a widow because of drugs. By the age of 25 I knew that everything I did so far in my life was not the right way to live. I thought, how can someone put us on earth without telling us how to live and is this all? Nothing after?

So I started looking for God and He lead me to people I could trust, because they had the same past as me. They told me that Jesus died for my sins, that meant that He died for the sins Karin had done in her life, it was personal. I had a hard time to believe that, but after a couple of weeks, going to their services and giving it a lot of thought  I made a decision to trust Jesus, to give my life into His hands and to start living for Him from then on.

God gave us His word, the Bible, so we learn HOW to live on earth. Psalm 139 tells us how he carefully planned and created us. Now I know that I am Right here on earth, there is NO mistake, none of us. I worked in a missionary Christian bookstore, a job the Lord gave me. He healed my damaged brain throughout that time. I got a real passion for reading. After the time in the bookstore I went into missions in Europe, often telling people about Jesus and helping them to trust Him. There I met my husband to be, and moved with him to Calgary. God told us to go to Canada to start a family. So, he gave us two boys, what a present. He was always with us. He raised our children, He lead us to some ministries in church and outside of church. I learned in my life to trust Jesus. To let God hold the steering wheel is a very smart thing to do. Last year I prayed for a job for myself. God gave me a position in an old folks home right where I live. The greatest surprise was that almost all of my coworkers are from Eritrea, a small North African country I had wanted to go to, back when I was in missions. Now my mission field is here in Calgary.

Looking back I don’t know if I would be still alive without Jesus, but because of Him I live!


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