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Car Exchange Ministry

Car Exchange Ministry

The RPC Car Exchange is committed to providing individuals and families with reliable and affordable transportation. This ministry serves people in need of a vehicle and individuals able to donate their vehicle. Your used vehicle may be worth more if you give it to the RPC Car Exchange.



All donated vehicles are checked by a licensed mechanic. Non-cosmetic repairs are made before the vehicle is given away or sold. All donated vehicles will receive a final safety inspection by a qualified, licensed mechanic. The vehicles are then either sold or given to pre-approved recipients.



Why Should I Donate Instead of Selling It?

  • Used cars are sold very cheaply (even those in good working order).
  • Vehicle trade-ins at the dealership often offer only a reduced amount.
  • Transferring ownership of the vehicle will be done in a convenient and timely manner.
  • By donating, someone in need of a vehicle will be greatly blessed and possibly influenced for the kingdom of God.

How Your Vehicle Donation Will Be Used

It will be given to someone in need OR, sold and the funds designated to the ministry of RockPointe Church.

Donors will receive tax receipts for the value of the vehicle, which will be valued using a certified car appraiser.



We are always looking for help to pick up, fix, and clean the vehicles. If you would like to volunteer your time in the ministry, please fill out the "Serve At RockPointe" form by clicking here or emailing


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