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Technical Arts

Technical Arts

Technical Arts Ministries at RockPointe Church exists to facilitate creative communication through the use of audio, video, lighting and presentation technologies. We serve in teams in order to help our congregations see, hear and experience dynamic worship and life-connected teaching each weekend. We will assist the RPC Congregation and leadership by developing teams of volunteers who are skilled, equipped, connected to one another and passionate about serving Christ through Technical Arts Ministries.


Tech Volunteers

Technical Arts Ministries is a team of audio technicians, camera operators, video directors, lighting and computer media people. As you serve in each of these roles you will facilitate inspired worship and community across all RockPointe sites. Training is provided by professionals in this field.


How to Become A Tech Volunteer

Technical Arts Ministries strives to grow resourceful servants and develop a multi-generational team of creative volunteers. Our teams will also have the opportunity to support Children's ministry, Youth ministry and rental clients' technical needs. If you are gifted in helping ministries this could be a great area to serve for you.


To serve in any of the great positions available in the Technical Arts ministry fill in the "Serve" form.

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